Rock N Roll

Band Members

Benny Carl
Dixie Carl
Ricky Dover Jr
Robby Bote


Nashville, TN

Affiliation – Germany


Rock N Roll from Nashville, Tennessee


The Tip was born in 2014, when front man Benny Carl and drummer Dixie Carl joined forces with guitarist Ricky Dover Jr. and (now former) bassist Drew Uldrich in a Nashville rehearsal space. With the hunger and deep desire to play full on, high energy rock and roll, the boys spent days and nights together and quickly emerged with debut EP “Killing It Wasted”. Between several tours, The Tip recorded and released its first full-length self-titled album in the summer of 2015. After Drew left the group, the boys found their new bass player Robby Bote while playing Chicago’s famous venue ‘Double Door’.

Wasting no time they hit the road for a West Coast tour in January 2016, followed by more touring on the East Coast and Midwest. The band’s brew of blues-infused, dirty rock and roll and hard working ethic has gradually started to turn many heads in the rock industry, which has led to recent opening spots for Buckcherry, The Darkness, Sebastian Bach, The Last Vegas and Queensryche front man Geoff Tate’s band Operation: Mindcrime as well as several performances at festival ‘Rocklahoma’. August 2016 saw the release of the band’s second album titled “Sailor’s Grave” – a manifest to the band’s no-nonsense, adrenaline fueled, hard rockin’ attitude.

As the song proclaims, with The Tip “What you see, is what you get. No we ain’t fakin’ it!”


IndieVille TV – Best New Artist 2014
New Deli Nashville – Best New Artist 2014

Current Location

Nashville, TN

General Manager


ACDC, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, James Brown, John Lee Hooker

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